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Prof. Wilhelm Schlag (University of Chicago)

mit dem Thema: ''Blowup phenomena for energy critical nonlinear wave

We will discuss singularity formation for energy critical nonlinear wave
equations. Our main concern will be the wave maps equation (also known as
sigma model) from 2+1 dimensions into S^2 and the semi-linear, quintic,
focusing wave equation  in 3+1 dimensions. These equations are locally
well-posed in the energy space, but it turns out that for large data blow-up
can occur. We will give particular examples of this phenomenon which entails
the bubbling-off of a stationary solution (for the wave maps equation this
is a harmonic map) with a prescribed rate of contraction. This latter
feature is somewhat unusual and is tied up with the fact that the linearized
equations (certain Schroedinger operators on the half-line) have a zero
enery resonances. This is joint work with Joachim Krieger (Harvard), and
Daniel Tataru (UCBerkeley).

Zeit: Mittwoch, 21. Maerz 2007, A C H T U N G !!! 16.00 Uhr (Kaffeejause),
anschlieszend 16.15 Uhr Vortrag

Ort: Fakultaet fuer Mathematik der Universitaet Wien, Nordbergstr. 15,
Seminarraum C 2.09

Harald Rindler
Gerald Teschl

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