Math.Koll. am 28.03.07/Prof. Egorova

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Fri Mar 23 10:18:59 CET 2007

Mathematisches Kolloquium


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Prof. Ira Egorova (Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of
the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)

mit dem Thema: ''The scattering problem for 1D Schrödinger operators with
step-like periodic potential''

We develop the direct and inverse scattering theory for one-dimensional
Schrödinger operators with step-like potentials that are asymptotically
close to different finite-band periodic potentials on the different
half-axes. We give a characterisation of the scattering data, that allows us
to solve uniquely the inverse scattering problem in the prescribed class of

Zeit: Mittwoch, 28. Maerz 2007, 15.45 Uhr (Kaffeejause), anschlieszend 16.15
Uhr Vortrag

Ort: Fakultaet fuer Mathematik der Universitaet Wien, Nordbergstr. 15,
Seminarraum C 2.09

Harald Rindler
Gerald Teschl

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