[VCEE Seminar] Continuing with the VCEE seminar online

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Fri Apr 3 13:21:05 CEST 2020

Dear members and friends of the VCEE,

We are currently exploring the possibility to hold the sessions of the 
VCEE seminar in this semester online. (For the schedule, see here: 

I would expect that all VCEE members are "in" and would happily 
participate in the online activity. But I am also reaching out to the 
friends of the VCEE to see who would be interested in joining as well. 
This is to make sure that we have a critical mass in terms of an 
audience. I want to be assured of a critical mass before I contact the 
speakers to see whether they would be willing to give their 
presentations online on the scheduled days (see the link above).

Hence, could all of you who would be happy to join the seminar online 
hit the reply button very soon to let me know?

I will contact you again in due course with more details should we 
decide to go ahead and move the VCEE seminar online.

Best regards,


Wieland Müller
Professor of Economics
University of Vienna & VCEE
Tilburg University, CentER & TILEC

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