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Liebe Listenmitglieder,

gemeinsam mit Andrzej Kątny aus Gdańsk (Danzig) gebe ich, Stefan M. 
Newerkla, seit 2012 die wissenschaftliche Buchreihe "Sprach- und 
Kulturkontakte in Europas Mitte. Studien zur Slawistik und Germanistik" 
heraus, in der bereits 14 Bände erschienen sind:
/Mit großer Freude darf ich Sie nun darauf hinweisen, dass der siebente 
Band der Buchreihe mit dem Titel/

/"Ashkenazim und Sephardim: Language Miscellanea"

nun auch komplett als Open-Access-Publikation zugänglich ist. Am 
einfachsten können Sie unter der folgenden Adresse auf das Buch zugreifen:

Ich wünsche allen ein angenehmes Wochenende.
Mit besten Grüßen

Stefan Michael Newerkla


Nähere Informationen zum Buch:

Andrzej Kątny / Izabela Olszewska / Aleksandra Twardowska (eds.): 
/Ashkenazim und Sephardim: Language Miscellanea/ (= Sprach- und 
Kulturkontakte in Europas Mitte. Studien zur Slawistik und Germanistik 
7). Peter Lang, Berlin et al. 2019.

Zum Buch – About the book:
The collection of articles chosen by the editors presents a broad 
variety of issues connected with Jewish languages (Judeo-Spanish, 
Yiddish) and co-territorial languages used by Ashkenazi and Sephardic 
Jews in different places and periods. Thus, the book contains both 
strictly linguistic and sociolinguistic descriptions (including the 
aspects of evaluating language, language in contact or linguistic 
identity), the presentation of languages in literary works (and their 
translations) from different periods, as well as lexicographical and 
cultural observations. This thematic variety shows opportunities for the 
research into the languages of both Jewish groups and inspires other 
scientific projects in this field.

Inhalt – Contents:

  * Julie Scolnik: Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish Speakers and the
    Acquisition of English in Immigrant America During the Late 19th and
    Early 20th Centuries
  * Izabela Olszewska & Aleksandra Twardowska: A Positive Image of
    Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish in the Jewish Press of the First Half of
    the 20th Century: An Overview
  * Jonna Rock: Sarajevo Sephardim and Their Linguistic Identification
  * Aitor García Moreno & Dora Mancheva: Eating and Drinking among
    Bulgarian Sephardim at the Turn of the 20th Century
  * Agnieszka August-Zarębska & Tomasz Zarębski: Language as Oikos: The
    Case of Margalit Matittiahu’s Poetry
  * Katja Šmid: Sefer ha-Berit in Ladino: Adaptations and Translations
    of a Hebrew Best-Seller for the Sephardi Reading Public
  * Magdalena Sitarz & Andrzej Pawelec: Yitskhok Katsenelson’s Dos lid
    fun oysgehargetn yidishn folk: A Story of the Manuscripts and Editions
  * Sandra Birzer: The Yiddish Subjective Resultative Construction Based
    on the Adverbial Participle: Convergences and Divergences with
    Co-Territorial Languages
  * Notes on the Authors

Zu den Herausgebern – About the editors:

  * Andrzej Kątny is Professor of German linguistics at the University
    of Gdańsk (Poland). His research interests include German
    linguistics, Polish-German contrastive studies, and contact linguistics.
  * Izabela Olszewska is Assistant Professor at the Institute of German
    Philology at the University in Gdańsk (Poland). Her academic
    interests involve the language and culture of Ashkenazi Jews,
    Holocaust, media linguistics, and culture of remembrance.
  * Aleksandra Twardowska is Assistant Professor at the Department of
    Balkan Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
    (Poland). Her academic interests involve the language, culture and
    history of Balkan Jews, Jewish and Slavic anthroponomy, and Balkan

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