[PLing] Lecture Prof. Annette Boudreau, Moncton (19 March, 18:30)

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Dear colleagues,

You're cordially invited to attend the public lecture by *Prof. Annette 
Boudreau*, Université de Moncton, Canada

*Tuesday, 19 March (18:30-20.00), Hörsaal 1, 1. Stock, Sensengasse 3a, 
1090 Wien*

*Linguistic insecurity and the legitimate speaker. The case of 
Francophones in Canada (Acadie)*

In 1972, William Labov introduced the concept of linguistic insecurity 
as a means to measure language varia-tion   and change.   
Interestingly   enough,   most   studies   conducted on   the   
subject   afterwards   where   initiated from scholars in Western 
francophone spaces, where the ideology of the standard plays a major 
role in cate-gorizing speakers. Studies were also conducted in 
francophone Canada, especially in L’Acadie. Drawing on ethnographic   
studies   carried   out   in   the   provinces of   New   Brunswick   
and   Nova   Scotia   between   1995   and 2015, the phenomenon as 
witnessed in different situations and as related in interviews by 
Acadians themsel-ves will be examined. It will be argued that linguistic 
insecurity is a consequence of the strength of the ideo-logy of the 
standard in Canada where the French language spoken in France was long 
considered the only legitimate variety of French, especially in the 
1950s and 1960s when francophone institutions gained in reco-gnition and 
in power. Yet this conception of language meant that bilingual speakers 
(e.g. Acadians living in minority settings) were often considered 
illegitimate French speakers because of their alleged abundance of 
English borrowings. This description will be intertwined with the story 
of the historical events that led to the challenging of the ideology of 
the standard in the 1970s. Finally, strategies used by speakers as ways 
to coun-ter linguistic insecurity will be examined, such as changing 
identities or adopting a counter-legitimate stan-ce, strategies that 
create new discourses on different ways of “being Acadian”.


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