[PLing] Public lecture Kamilla Kraft (17 December, 18:30)

Mi-Cha Flubacher mi-cha.flubacher at univie.ac.at
Thu Dec 5 18:50:14 CET 2019

Dear colleagues,

You're cordially invited to attend the public WSG-lecture of Kamilla 
Kraft <https://cip.ku.dk/english/staff/?pure=en/persons/589904> 
(University of Copenhagen), entitled "Stereotypes and norms in a 
Norwegian construction site" (abstract below).

Place: Hörsaal 1 (1. Stock), Sensengasse 3a, 1090 Wien
Time: Tuesday, 17 December 2019 (18:30-20:00)

All are welcome to join us before the holiday break.

Best wishes,
Mi-Cha Flubacher

Stereotypes and norms in a Norwegian construction site*
This presentation explores how national stereotypes are used and 
indexicalised (Jaffe 2016) by a transient
management team in a Norwegian construction site. Most of the team 
members have never worked together
before and therefore have not yet established shared practices and 
logics as a group. By focussing on the
group’s activity of assigning meaning and value to different national 
stereotypes (‘Norwegians’, ‘Swedes’
and ‘Poles’) over a period of six months, the presentation explores the 
emergence, sedimentation and transformation
(cf. Agha 2007) of social norms related to these stereotypes. The 
analysis draws on multiple levels
of context (Cicourel 1987, Day 2008) and shows that stereotypes are used 
for different purposes in the
group, serving interpersonal as well as ideational functions. It 
demonstrates how the use of national stereotypes
are at times activated with reference to socially sedimented, or iconic, 
meanings that circulate in the
Norwegian construction industry, while in other cases the meanings of 
these national stereotypes are established
in a more incremental fashion, tied to the local context of the group. 
The presentation will in particular
discuss how the norms that are in play behind these observable processes 
of meaning-making can be said
to have a considerable impact on social roles and relationships within 
and beyond the group and workplace.

Mi-Cha Flubacher

Dr. Mi-Cha Flubacher

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Universität Wien
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New publication:
Flubacher, M. (2019). ‘Selling the self’: packaging the narrative trajectories of workers for the labour market, International Journal of Multilingualism, aop.
Open access: https://doi.org/10.1080/14790718.2020.1682249

Flubacher, Mi-Cha & Hägi-Mead, Sara (eds) (2019): Taboo and Transgression. Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Migration, Integration, and Diversity (Theoretische Beiträge des Zentrums für Integrationsstudien, Band 1). Dresden: Zentrum für Integrationsstudien.
Open access: https://tu-dresden.de/gsw/der-bereich/profil/zentren/zfi/forschung-und-praxis/publikationen

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