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Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Das Institut für Sprachwissenschaft freut sich, zwei Vorträge von Prof. Jef
Verschueren, Universität Antwerpen, ankündigen zu dürfen. Beide Vorträge
werden am Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017, im Hörsaal des Instituts (Sensengasse 3A,
1. OG) stattfinden.

Vortrag 1 (im Rahmen des Seminars “Sprachreflexion und Sprachideologie”):

(Meta)pragmatics and the public sphere: The case of language ideology

Abstract: This lecture defines the public sphere as the realm of publicly
accessible meaning, and of struggles over socially and politically important
meaning. It is argued that linguistic pragmatics provides the tools for an
analysis of the way in which explicit and implicit forms of meaning interact
in the process of generating (and contesting) meanings. One of the many
possible points of attention is the functioning of the metapragmatic
awareness or reflexivity that is inherent in all language use. One of the
objects of such awareness is language itself. This will be illustrated at
length with an account of the way in which language ideology functions in
present-day Belgian politics, specifically in the context of struggles over
Flemish ‘national’ identity.


Vortrag 2 (im Rahmen der “Wiener Sprachgesellschaft”): 18.30:

Pragmatics and meaning potential

Abstract: This lecture focuses on the dynamics of language, more
specifically on the role of adaptability in meaning-generating processes in
actual language use. From that perspective, the argument will be made that
the question “What does x mean?” not only requires the extension “
context y” (as is commonly accepted in pragmatics and even in certain forms
of semantics), but necessitates a reformulation in terms of meaning
potential.  It will be shown that such a reformulation (1) is in line with a
number of recent developments in semantics/pragmatics (as represented by
contributions from fields as diverse as relevance theory, conversation
analysis, and anthropological linguistics), and (2) enables us to get a
better understanding of the dynamic interplay between explicit and implicit
aspects of meaning in language use. Its usefulness will be further
demonstrated on the basis of contrastive data, with implications for
translation and aspects of international communication. 


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