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Barbara Soukup barbara.soukup at univie.ac.at
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Liebe KollegInnen,
Bitte entschuldigen Sie multiple postings - aber wenn ich richtig 
gesehen habe, sind bisher unter der Affiliation der Universität Wien 
noch sehr sehr wenige Spendenfür diese sehr wichtige 
Kommunikationsplattform unserer internationalen Community eingetroffen. 
Erlauben Sie mir daher den Reminder! Ich denke, die meisten von uns 
haben über die Jahre schon von der Arbeit der LinguistList in 
irgendeiner Form profitiert.
Danke für Ihre Mithilfe und mit besten Grüßen,
Barbara Soukup

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Subject: 	All: LINGUIST List Fund-Drive 2014 2nd Last Call
Date: 	Tue, 29 Apr 2014 09:54:32 -0400
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Dear colleagues,

we are grateful for all the donations that we got so far from our 
supporters from all over the planet. We are proud of having supporters 
on all continents. Every donation counts and shows us that there are 
people out there who appreciate the effort that our student editors, 
volunteers, interns and other supporters put into The LINGUIST List 
service. We do our best to provide the LINGUIST information and services 
in the best possible way, to all linguists worldwide. We will update you 
soon in a regular posting with all the news, new developments, sites, 

As I explained yesterday, we have to get through the fund-drive. We 
still need your support to reach our budget goal. You might consider 
going straight to our donations page:


but you might also want to have a look at the nice traveLING website 
that the students developed, and for example also have a look, where 
your linguistic subfield is standing in the Fund-Drive Subfield 
Challenge, or see which Grad-School is leading the race, which country, 
or what businesses support The LINGUIST List with matching donations of 
their employees:


Richard Hudson, an Advisory Board member of The LINGUIST List, has this 
message that I would like to forward to you:

At one time, not that long ago, linguistics was a national activity, 
which only some countries did, and did on their own, in their own way. 
Nowadays, globalisation has happened - almost every country does 
linguistics in some way, and more and more activity takes place on the 
world stage rather than a local national one. We have international 
conferences, international journals, international research projects and 
international theories and ideas. More and more students are moving 
around the globe to learn linguistics, and more departments boast an 
international collection of staff members. Globalisation has its causes, 
which we all understand to at least some extent, but it also has 
consequences, and one consequence is that we desperately need reliable 
global infrastructure to support the globalisation - to make sure that 
it benefits everyone, and not just the wealthy few; that it works 
efficiently, so that worthy aims can be achieved; and above all, that 
information flows freely. Which means, of course, that we need a global 
postbox and noticeboard remarkably like the Linguist List, so if LL 
didn't exist, someone would have to create it. And if we can have all 
sorts of useful facilities thrown in for good measure, we should 
rejoice. But global infrastructure needs to be reliable and permanent - 
think of the UN or your favourite global charity. It's no good expecting 
a handful of enthusiastic volunteers to provide it. Ultimately, 
infrastructure costs money. And this particular bit of infrastructure 
actually comes very, very cheap - at UK prices, it's the cost of about 
two cups of coffee per subscriber per year. I'm convinced that LL is one 
of the most important institutions in our academic world, and I believe 
that by supporting it I'm helping to give the next generation of 
linguists the global infrastructure they need. I'm also convinced that 
if we don't support it, we shall lose it and the next generation will 
have to create it from scratch.

Dick Hudson (dickhudson.com)

Thank you all for your support!



(Moderator of The LINGUIST List)

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