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Die Wiener Sprachgesellschaft und die Gesellschaft der Freunde der 
Universität Tel Aviv in Österreich freuen sich, Sie zu folgendem Vortrag 

*Dorit Ravid, Tel Aviv University
Roots of the early catastrophe: How mothers from different social 
talk to their young children *

Thursday, May 15th, 2014, 18.00 (s.t.)
Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Sensengasse 3a, 1090 Wien
Hörsaal 1, 1. Stock (1. OG)


Developing appropriate mother-tongue skills is essential to all of our 
functions -- from expressing content in words and structures to 
establishing and maintaining social relations and higher cognitive 
skills. Language is learned from infancy in an intricate interaction 
between innate abilities and linguistic input (talk and reading) from 
caregivers. Language learning takes place when the child is exposed to 
different yet age-suitable communicative environments, and has ample 
opportunities to express her increasingly complex inner world in the 
presence of a responsive adult who elaborates upon her linguistic 
productions. This was a description of the process of language 
acquisition as experienced by children growing up in families of 
middle-high socio-economic status, where child-oriented linguistic 
activities provide the platform for optimal language development. But 
what happens when children grow up in the shadow of linguistic 
deprivation? The talk will describe two separate studies of 
Hebrew-speaking mothers' speech to infants and toddlers in homes of 
differing socio-economic backgrounds, and discuss outcomes in view of 
the literature.

Prof. Dr. Dorit Ravid is a linguist and psycholinguist at Tel Aviv 
University (School of Education and the Department of Communications 
Disorder) working on the acquisition of Hebrew from infancy to 
adolescence, and the development of linguistic literacy (reading and 
writing). She has published extensively on language and literacy 
acquisition in typically-developing and disabled populations from 
various socio-economic backgrounds. Ravid is vice-president of the 
International Association of Child Language, former President of the 
Israeli Circle of Linguistics and former Chair of the Israeli 
Association for Literacy and Language.


NEU: Grammatikerwerb vor und nach der Pubertät, DeGruyter, 2014

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