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Dear all,

You are cordially invited to attend the VCEE seminar on Friday, Jan 25  from
10:00-12:00 (SR 1, Ground floor). We have two speakers: Jana Friedrichsen (U
Berlin) and Dirk Engelmann (U Berlin)


10:00-11:00 Jana Friedrichsen (U Berlin)
Fairness in Markets and Market Experiments (with Dirk Engelmann and Dorothea

Whether pro-social preferences identified in economic laboratories survive
in natural market contexts is an important and contested issue. We
investigate how fairness in a laboratory experiment framed explicitly as a
market exchange relates to preferences for fair trade products  before and
after the market experiment. We find that the willingness to buy at a higher
price when higher wages are paid to the worker correlates both with the
choice for a fair trade product before the laboratory experiment and with
the willingness to pay a positive fair trade premium, elicited at the end of
the experiment. These results support the notion that fairness preferences
as assessed in laboratory experiments capture preferences for fair behavior
in comparable situations outside the laboratory.



11:00-12:00 Dirk Engelmann (U Berlin)
"Preferences over Taxation of High Income Individuals: Evidence from Survey
and Laboratory Experiments" (with Eckhard Janeba, Lydia Mechtenberg, and
Nils  <https://doodle.com/poll/mbgd5keimb2pim7v> Wehrhöfer)


Mobility of high income individuals across borders puts pressure on
governments to lower taxes. A central tenet of the underlying theoretical
and empirical models is that mobile individuals react to tax differentials
through migration, and in turn immobile households vote for lower taxes in
the face of a migration threat. In light of behavioural economics research
it is not clear, however, whether this premise holds. In particular,
political ideology might influence voting on taxes. We use an experimental
survey design and elicit answers from more than 3,000 households in the
German Internet Panel (GIP. We use various treatments to understand the role
of mobility and ideology in tax choice. We observe substantial deviations
from the predicted theoretical equilibrium. In many cases comparative static
results prevail, however. Furthermore, political ideology matters:
left-leaning households choose higher taxes than right-leaning persons, and
center-right leaning individuals tend to emigrate more when the tax at home
is high. We compare the results with those from a closely related lab
experiment, in which subjects appear to behave more in line with standard




Best regards,

Gabriele Prochaska


University of Vienna

 <http://econ.univie.ac.at/> Department of Economics

Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1

1090 Vienna






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