[PLing] Mueller, "Sentence memory, prediction and production" (12. 1., 18.30h)

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Mon Jan 11 18:00:41 CET 2021

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Interessierte sind herzlich zum Online-Vortrag von Jutta L. Mueller 
(Universität Wien, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft) mit dem Titel 
"Sentence memory, prediction and production" eingeladen, der morgen (12. 
1.) im Rahmen der Wiener Sprachgesellschaft stattfindet.


Language and memory are deeply intertwined as has long been acknowledged 
both in theory and experimental work across both research areas. Broad, 
integrative accounts that fully account for the interface mechanisms are 
rare, though. I will present a set of EEG and fMRI studies that were 
aimed at specifying the neural underpinnings of the interface between 
language processing and memory. As a test case we used sentence 
processing, which feeds into memory mechanisms by making them more 
efficient via the so-called sentence superiority effect, and, at the 
same time, directly benefits from memory mechanisms by employing 
predictions at different linguistic levels. I will argue that both 
memory and language research will move forward by explicitly integrating 
those contributions into their models.

Link zum Raum: 
Zugangscode: 534703.

Beginn: 18.30h.

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