[PLing] [CfP Workshop:] The ethics of nation-statehood

Jonas Hassemer jonas.hassemer at univie.ac.at
Sat Mar 21 10:15:53 CET 2020

Dear all,

with apologies for cross-posting, a message from our home-offices: 

Tessa Bonduelle (University of Toronto), Sabine Lehner (University of Vienna) & myself would like to share with you a call for our workshop scheduled to take place *Sept. 23 & 24, 2020*:

*The ethics of nation-statehood: Boundary-making and ethical-questioning* (for details, please refer to the attached call)

The workshop aims to offer the opportunity for a small group of post-fieldwork PhD students and post-doctoral scholars to explore ethical questions inherent in boundary-making, drawing directly upon data gathered from the field. Envisaged as an interdisciplinary and collegial forum, the idea behind this workshop is to pool knowledge and findings that together can reveal more about contemporary struggles over boundary-making.

We invite prospective participants to send along their research abstracts (maximum 1 page) by *May 15, 2020* (mail to: tessa.bonduelle at mail.utoronto.ca <mailto:tessa.bonduelle at mail.utoronto.ca>; jonas.hassemer at univie.ac.at <mailto:jonas.hassemer at univie.ac.at>; and sabine.lehner at univie.ac.at <mailto:sabine.lehner at univie.ac.at>). These research abstracts should briefly outline your thesis or current research project and include: context, research questions, working hypothesis, methodology, and research goals. In addition, please add a few words on why you are interested in participating and what you hope gain from the workshop.

We know that many of us will have difficulties making plans for participation in such a workshop, given the current uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 situation. We want to encourage those interested in participating, but who are either facing difficulties to meet the deadlines we have set or who are unsure of their ability to make it to Vienna in September, to contact us directly. We will monitor the situation carefully and decide in due time if we will be able to hold the workshop in September 2020.    

Our very best wishes to you all,
Jonas Hassemer

Jonas Hassemer, BA MA

Universitätsassistent Prädoc für Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Wien
Institut für Sprachwissenschaft
Sensengasse 3a
A-1090 Wien

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