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I am happy to announce that Alfonso Del Percio (UCL) is giving a public
lecture on Jan, 28 at the Wiener Sprachgesellschaft (18.30, Sensengasse 3a,


Title: Division and Multiplication: Language, Migration and the Politics of


This contribution takes Mezzadra and Neilson’s concept of the
‘multiplication of labor’ (2013) as a

starting point to revisit our understanding of the ways language mediates
between the (trans)national

circulation of workers and the intensification, diversification and
heterogenization of labor.

My analysis rests on ethnographic work conducted in Italy, Switzerland and
the UK between 2010-

2019 and a social theorization of language, migration and labor. Through
three ethnographic sketches

I examine how labor’s tendency to saturate subjects’ social life, its
development in increasingly

expanding and comprehensive systems of production and its ability to
reorganize social relations

have produced new forms of solidarity but also divides among different types
of workers and

their languages.


See https://www.univie.ac.at/indogermanistik/wsg/WSG_Del_Percio_200128.pdf 


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