[PLing] Talk on dynamic inquisitive semantics, Jakub Dotlacil , June 7

Eva Rosina eva.rosina at univie.ac.at
Tue May 28 09:03:21 CEST 2019

Dear all, 

we, the Conjunction and Disjunction group, would like to invite you once again to a talk that we are very much looking forward to:

Friday next week (7th of June), Jakub Dotlacil (Universiteit van Amsterdam) will present joint work with Floris Roelofsen on dynamic inquisitive semantics. 
I'm adding the abstract below. 

We'll start at 4pm. The talk is going to take place at the linguistics department, Sensengasse 3a, in Seminarraum 3.

We hope to see many of you there!

Nina Haslinger, Valentin Panzirsch, Eva Rosina, Magdalena Roszkowski, Viola Schmitt, Valerie Wurm 

P.S. Spoiler: There is going to be another talk, by Hans-Martin Gärtner, on Mo, June 17, 15pm. I'm sending out the abstract as soon as we get it. 

Abstract: Dynamic inquisitive semantics (joint work with Floris Roelofsen)

In this talk, I will discuss a new logical framework to analyze questions. The framework brings together two important strands in semantic theorizing, that of dynamic semantics on one hand (Kamp, 1981, Heim, 1982, Groenendijk and Stokhof, 1991, a.o.) and the analysis of questions using inquisitive semantics on the other hand (Ciardelli et al., 2018). The proposed framework preserves the advantages of earlier dynamic analyses of questions over static ones, as well as the advantages of earlier inquisitive theories over non-inquisitive ones.

The framework will be applied to several topics that played an important role in semantic accounts of questions. These topics include anaphora in wh-questions and polar questions, intervention effects, multiple wh-questions, and mention-some and mention-all questions. I will show that the proposed framework can provide an analysis of these and other phenomena and in some instances the analysis goes beyond the current state of the art.

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