[PLing] Talk by Kazuko Yatsushiro about Scope Inversion - Mo 18th

Eva Rosina evalotta1 at gmx.at
Thu Mar 14 18:45:43 CET 2019

Dear all, 

we'd like to invite you all for yet another talk that will be hosted by our
project group:

Kazuko Yatsushiro will talk about Scope Ambiguity and Intonation in Child
Language (title: "Children know the great scope inversion conspiracy“), so
our thematic series on language acquisition continues. 

(After Anja Müllers Talk on Friday 15th which we also want to remind you of,
provided that Pling is fast enough: 3pm, SEII German department, main

Kazuko Yatsushiros talk will start at 1.15pm on Monday 18th. It is going to
take place in Seminarraum II (2. Zwischengeschoß, Stiege 7) of the German
department in the main building of the university. Have a look at our guide
to the room since it is quite hard to find:

We are aware that this is a rather spontaneous invitation, since we just now
decided on a topic, but we are glad if many of you can make it nonetheless!

All the best,

Eva Rosina and the others from the Conjunction-and-Disjunction Team (Nina
Haslinger, Magdalena Roszkowski, Viola Schmitt and Valerie Wurm)

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