[PLing] Public Lecture: Dr. Isabelle LeBlanc (Moncton University), Tue, June 18

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Dear colleagues,

Even if everyone is busy wrapping up the semester, it would be lovely to see some familiar faces in the upcoming public lecture by Dr. Isabelle LeBlanc <https://www.univie.ac.at/indogermanistik/wsg/WSG_LeBlanc_190618.pdf> from the Moncton University, Canada.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 (18.30-20.00), Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Hörsaal 1, Sensengasse 3a

Title: "Queer Acadian quest for legitimacy: Language, gender and power dynamics“ 

In bilingual Canada, the francophone community in the Province of New Brunswick (about 33% of the population) mostly self-identify as “Acadians”, which is a distinct francophone identity asso- ciated with a collective history, cultural symbols and language ideologies. As such, Acadia refers more to an identity that is shaped through discourses and less to a territorial space with political power. Yet, how do gender, identity and language intersect in a peripheral Canadian community? As artists play a major role in how this identity is shaped, reproduced, contested and transformed, this talk will examine how the first queer Acadian artist, Xavier Gould, is reshaping what is said and how it is said in regard to Acadian identity. This artist performs queerness through an alter-ego persona that blurs the boundaries between masculinity and femininity. Xavier Gould is contesting heteronormative myths within Acadia, and by doing so, he is also contesting the heteronormative ideology on language that has been anchored in a dual cultural and biological reproduction of the “Acadian”. It is the aim of this talk to analyze an emergent queer identity discourse anchored in/ on Acadia and thus, to analyze the quest for legitimacy and the tensions between vernacular and standardized language ideologies.

Best wishes,

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