[PLing] Upcoming guest lectures/talks: Prof. Heycock (U. Edinburgh) and Prof. Adger (QMUL)

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Sun Nov 25 08:08:28 CET 2018

Dear colleagues,
I would like to announce two upcoming guest lectures taking place in my theory of grammar course: On Thursday, 6 December at 11:30 Professor Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh) will be speaking about Verb-Second, and the week after (i.e. Thursday, 13 December at 11:30), Professor David Adger (Queen Mary University of London) will hold a lecture titled ’Structure in Babel’. The venue for both lectures is: Hörsaal D, Unicampus Hof 10, Hirnforschungzentrum, Spitalgasse 4.
In addition, Professor Adger will also give a talk entitled 'A memory architecture for Merge’ in the Department of Linguistics on Friday, 14 December at 13:15. The venue for this talk is: Hörsaal 1, Sensengasse 3a, 1.OG.
You are warmly invited to attend (any of) the three events.
Dalina Kallulli

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