[PLing] Invited talk at the "The Emergence of Relativism" ERC project seminar: Daniel Cohnitz, Friday NOVEMBER 16, 15.00 room 2i

Dan Cristian Zeman dan.zeman at univie.ac.at
Thu Nov 8 16:05:11 CET 2018

Dear all,

This is to announce a forthcoming invited talk at the "The Emergence of 
Relativism" ERC project seminar by Daniel Cohnitz (Utrecht University). 
The talk will take place next Friday, NOVEMBER 16 at 15.00 in room 2i.

Here is the title and abstract of the talk:

TITLE: Thought Experiments and the (Ir-)relevance of Intuitions in 
ABSTRACT: There is a growing interest in metaphilosophy, the study of 
the methodology of philosophy. A central topic in recent contributions 
to metaphilosophy is the role of intuitions in philosophy, especially 
their role as evidence for (or rather against) philosophical theories. 
Intuitions seem to play this role in conjunction with so-called 
“hypothetical cases” or “thought experiments”.
I have my doubts about the project of a general metaphilosophy, at least 
if it is understood as a kind of normative philosophy of science applied 
to philosophy. I believe that there are two dilemmas, metaphilosophy on 
that conception is confronted with, which make it very unlikely that it 
can arrive at interesting and binding results. The reason is that 
philosophy is (and should be) too heterogeneous to allow for such 
results. Metaphilosophy should thus be done form a pluralist point of 
view. I will try to show in the talk how — from that perspective — the 
relevance of intuitions in philosophy should be evaluated.

Hope to see many of you there!


Dan Cristian Zeman, PhD
Lise Meitner Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Vienna
Department of Philosophy
Universitätsstraße 7
1010 Wien
Room: A0322
dan.zeman at univie.ac.at

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