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Diesen Donnerstag, 22.3.2018, 16-18h, s.t., Raum 3D im NIG, die dritte Sitzung des Wiener Kolloquium Analytische Philosophie:
This Thursday, 22/3/2018, 16-18h, room 3D in NIG, third session of the Vienna Colloquium in Analytic Philosophy:

Tim Crane, Central European university

Psychologism and Behaviourism Revisited
Abstract: Gottlob Frege famously argued that we should always ‚always separate sharply the psychological from the logical, the subjective from the objective’. I argue that while analytic philosophers have generally followed this advice when discussing logic and mathematics (in their rejection of ‘psychologism’ about these things), they have not followed it when discussing the psychological itself. It might be thought that if psychologism was true of anything, it is true of the psychological. But 20th and 21st century analytic philosophy of mind has thought otherwise, approaching the study of the mind using ideas from semantics and the theory of meaning (e.g. the proposition, truth, reference etc.). In this lecture I will claim that their rejection of psychologism is one of the things that has made it difficult for philosophy of mind to gain a proper understanding of consciousness, and that despite the widespread rejection of behaviourism in philosophy and psychology, contemporary philosophy of mind still works with a conception of consciousness that derives from mid-20th century behaviourism.

After the talk, we will take Tim Crane out to dinner (to the restaurant "Rebhuhn", Berggasse 24, 1090 Wien). Those attending the talk are welcome to join, but are asked to let us know in advance, so that we can make arrangements. Please email Sandrine Klot (alexandra.klot at univie.ac.at <mailto:alexandra.klot at univie.ac.at>) by Wednesday 21st in the morning.

Wiener Kolloquium Analytische Philosophie
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Das Kolloquium hat zwei Ziele: Es soll interessante zeitgenössische Philosophinnen und Philosophen von nah und fern an unser Institut in Wien bringen, damit sie uns Aspekte ihrer Arbeit vorstellen können. Es soll uns und den eingeladenen PhilosophInnen die Gelegenheit geben, die vorgestellten philosophischen Thesen in entspannter und freundschaftlicher Atmosphäre ernsthaft und kontrovers zu diskutieren. 

Vienna Colloquium in Analytic Philosophy
Details under: https://wkap.phl.univie.ac.at/ <https://wkap.phl.univie.ac.at/>

The Colloquium has two aims: It is meant to bring interesting contemporary philosophers to our Institute in Vienna so that they can present aspects of their work. It is also supposed to provide an opportunity for us and the invited philosophers to discuss the presented material in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, even if seriously and with controversy.

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