[PLing] talk by jovana gaic 12/3

Enrico Flor enrico.flor at univie.ac.at
Mon Mar 5 11:43:05 CET 2018

Dear everyone,

we'd like to invite you to a talk by Jovana Gajić (University of 
Göttingen) that will be given on Monday 12/3 (next Monday) at 15 in the 
Seminarraum 1 in the German Studies Department (University's main 
building, 1 floor, Stiege 7a).

The title of the talk is: "Negated conjunction and its implicatures". 
See below for the abstract.

The Conjunction Team [Enrico Flor, Nina Haslinger, Eva Rosina, Magdalena 
Roszkowski, Viola

ABSTRACT: "Different intonational patterns correspond to different 
interpretations of the sentences with negated
definite conjunctions in English and, consequently, to different 
possible continuations. The major
parameter inside these prosodic patterns seems to be whether the stress 
is on the connective and or on
the whole conjunction as a coordinated constituent. In the former case, 
the reading obtained is “not
both” (¬[A∧B]), whereas in the latter, it is equivalent to a negated 
disjunction (¬[A∨B]), i.e. “neither”.
This difference can be explained if different kinds of alternatives are 
activated and if exhaustification is
applied a different number of times. Furthermore, contextual 
restrictions observed in the previous
literature (Szabolcsi and Haddican 2004) fall out from this account."

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