[PLing] finding your way to the talk

Enrico Flor enrico.flor at univie.ac.at
Tue Apr 24 14:19:34 CEST 2018

If you plan to come to the talk by Marcin Wągiel today at 16:45, you can
get to the venue (Seminarraum II at the German Studies Department)
safely following the illustrated instruction at this link:
Hereby we hope that nobody will ever get lost again trying to attend a
talk there.

Here is the abstract of the talk:

"In standard lattice-theoretic approaches to natural language
(e.g., Link 1983, Landman 2000, Champollion 2017) singularities and
pluralities are presumed to involve distinct mereologies and it is
commonly supposed that quantificational expressions do not access
subatomic part-whole relations. In this paper, I explore three
hypotheses regarding natural language semantics: i) natural language is
sensitive to topological relations holding between parts of
singularities (cf. Grimm 2012), ii) there are general counting rules
that presuppose such relations, and iii) quantification over parts is
subject to identical restrictions as quantification over wholes. The
evidence comes from the interaction between cardinal numerals and
partitives involving irregular plurals in Italian as well as distinct
classes of Polish `half' words and from the quantificational behavior of
multipliers such as English `double'."

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