[PLing] WKAP: Marian David on TRUTH AND TRUTH BEARERS, Thursday 26/4/2018, 16–18h (s.t.), 3A NIG

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Liebe KollegInnen und Interessierte:
Dear colleagues and interested individuals:

Diesen Donnerstag, 26.4.2018, 16 s.t.–18h, Raum 3A im NIG, die fünfte Sitzung des Wiener Kolloquium Analytische Philosophie:
This Thursday, 26/4/2018, 16–18h, room 3A in NIG, fifth session of the Vienna Colloquium in Analytic Philosophy:

Marian David (Graz)

Truth and Truthbearers

Abstract: Recently, truthmakers have been discussed quite a bit in the theory of truth. My talk will focus on truthbearers instead — they used to be discussed a lot in the previous century, but have dropped off the radar since. What are the proper/primary bearers of truth and falsehood? I shall look into how different answers to this question make a difference for traditional and contemporary debates concerning truth: correspondence theories of truth and their debates with competitors; deflationary approaches to truth; the identity theory of truth; truth-definitions; truthmaking; and relativism about truth.

As always, the speaker will be taken to dinner after the talk. Those wishing to join are asked to let us know in advance, so that we can make arrangements. Please email Sandrine Klot (alexandra.klot at univie.ac.at <mailto:alexandra.klot at univie.ac.at>) by Wednesday 25th in the morning.

Der nächste Vortrag:
Upcoming talk:

ANGELIKA KRATZER (Massachusetts)			Do, 17.05.2018, 16.30-18.30h (NOTE CHANGE OF TIME)

Next academic year, 2018–19, WKAP will be jointly organized by Max Kölbel, Herlinde Pauer-Studer and Hans-Bernhard Schmid. The Programme will be available soon.

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