[PLing] Talk on November 15

Edwin S. Williams edwin at Princeton.EDU
Thu Nov 9 11:18:27 CET 2017

Pavel Caha of Masaryk University will give a talk on morphology on Wednesday November 15.
Edwin Williams

Hörsaal 1 at 3 pm  November 15

Title: More ways to *ABA: the case of Blansitt's generalization

Abstract: In the talk, I look at the marking of datives, allatives and locatives.  Blansitt (1988) has observed that these roles may show various
syncretisms, with the exception of dative and locative being syncretic to the exclusion of the allative, an instance of the so-called *ABA
generalization. I explore its implementation in terms of feature decomposition, showing first why classical nesting structures (pioneered
in Jonathan Bobaljik's work on adjectival suppletion) won't work for this particular case, and proposing an alternative in terms of the so-called
overlapping decomposition.
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