[PLing] Talk by Mojmír Dočekal & Marcin Wągiel, Friday May 19

Viola Schmitt viola.schmitt at univie.ac.at
Tue May 16 19:57:23 CEST 2017

Dear all,

our project `Conjunction and disjunction from a typological perspective' 
is happy to announce a talk by Mojmír Dočekal and Marcin Wągiel (both 
Mazaryk University, Brno) with the title

'Derived collectives in Slavic: Decomposing groups, swarms, and 

Date: Friday, May 19, 2.30 pm

Location: Übungsraum 5, Germanistik, Hauptgebäude.

Everybody is cordially invited. You'll find the abstract below.

For further more information concerning our project, go to 


Viola Schmitt (also in the name of the other project members)

Derived collectives in Slavic: Decomposing groups, swarms, and 

Abstract: In this talk we bring in novel evidence concerning semantic
properties of derived bunch nouns in Czech and Polish. We discuss 
classes of collectives derived by different suffixes. Some of them form
standard group nouns sometimes referred to as committee nouns (Pearson 
whereas others seem to derive spatiotemporally groupings, i.e., swarms
(Henderson 2017), or aggregates (Grimm 2012). Furthermore, we present a 
for an experiment exploring anaphoric relations between group nouns and
reciprocal expressions (Dotlačil 2012).

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