[PLing] Gastvortrag 13.1. Pavel Caha (Brünn): Case patterns with numerals and quantity nouns

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Fri Jan 6 23:02:30 CET 2017

Liebe KollegInnen,

es freut mich, Sie/Euch zu einem Gastvortrag von Pavel Caha 
(Masaryk-Universität Brünn) zum Thema "Case patterns with numerals and 
quantity nouns" einzuladen.

Der Vortrag findet im Rahmen meines Proseminars zur Syntax der 
Nominalphrase am Freitag 13.1.2017 11:30 - 13:00 im ÜR 5 der 
Germanistik, Hautpgebäude Stiege 5, 2. Stock, statt.

Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache. Abstract siehe unten.

Mit herzlichen Wünschen fürs neue Jahr,
Jakob Steixner


In Czech, counted nouns (with numerals five and up) show up in the 
genitive case when the numeral is in the nominative or accusative, but 
they agree with the numeral in case the numeral is dative, locative or 
instrumental. In other words, the genitive on the counted noun interacts 
differently with NOM, ACC (set 1) than it does with LOC, DAT, INS (set 

In my recent work, I have tried to relate such patterns to some 
independent facts about the morphology of case. Specifically, in Czech, 
it is overwhelmingly the case that case syncretism (the formal identity 
of two distinct cases) targets contiguous regions in the sequence 
NOM-ACC-GEN-LOC-DAT-INS. In this sequence, the two sets of cases 
(distinguished by their variable relation to the GEN) are found on two 
different sides of it: NOM, ACC (set 1) are to its left, while the other 
cases (set 2) are found to its right.

The talk sets out to explain this correlation, and see if that 
explanation carries over to other languages (like Classical Armenian or 
Estonian). Time permitting, I will propose a specific treatment of the 
Estonian partitive case not as a case proper, but rather as a 
portmanteau marker for the combination of two different case values 
stacked one on top of the other.

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