[PLing] Vortrag Yasutada Sudo

Viola Schmitt viola.schmitt at univie.ac.at
Thu Apr 20 20:15:08 CEST 2017

Liebe InteressentInnen,

wir möchten Sie ganz herzlich zu einem Vortrag von Yasutada Sudo (UCL) 
am nächsten Mittwoch (26.4.) um 19h einladen. (Die Information zum 
Veranstaltungsort folgt noch.)

Titel des Vortrags: `It's not always redundant to assert what can be 

Das Abstract finden Sie unten.

Viele Grüße,

Jakob Steixner & Viola Schmitt

Title: It's not always redundant to assert what can be presupposed
Abstract: Mayr & Romoli (2016) claim that the felicity of sentences of 
the form (¬S or (S and T)) is problematic for theories of redundancy, 
because S in the second disjunct is redundant. They propose two 
solutions to this puzzle that make crucial use of (i) incremental 
computation of local contexts that is blind to certain parts of the 
sentence, and (ii) a grammatical mechanism of exhaustification, and 
conclude that their observation is evidence for (i) and (ii). I take 
issue with their conclusion and argue that their observation does not 
necessarily motivate (i) and (ii), because the puzzle only arises under 
a specific assumption about presupposition satisfaction and redundancy 
of assertion, namely, that they refer to the same notion of entailment. 
It is natural to make this assumption in possible worlds semantics, but 
is not necessarily motivated in a more fine-grained theory of meaning. 
Adopting Situation Semantics, I will demonstrate that the above problem 
disappears once it is assumed that redundancy is computed with reference 
to a stronger notion of entailment than presupposition satisfaction.


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