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Dear Colleague,

Please find below a list of books that are available to volunteers who would like to write a 500-word book note for Language in Society. A book note is a summary of a book's content. Graduate students are welcome to write book notes, with a faculty member's supervision. Please send a list of books you would like to write notes on (in order of preference) to langsoc at cambridge.org<mailto:langsoc at cambridge.org>. Book notes will be due 3 months after you receive the book.

Please forward this list to students and colleagues who might be interested in writing a book note for Language in Society. Each book will go to the first person who requests it. Because there is a limited supply of books, book notes will be limited to one per person.

Best wishes,

John Weston
Editorial Assistant, Language in Society
Department of Linguistics, SLLF
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road

Chang, Wei-Lin Melody      (2016).    Face and face practices in Chinese talk-in-interaction: A study in
interactional pragmatics.     Sheffield: Equinox.              Pp. 182.  Hb.         $100, £60.
Chomsky, Noam   (2015).    What kind of creatures are we?          New York, NY: Columbia University
Press.     Pp. 200.  Hb.         $19.95, £13.95.
Conley, Robin       (2015).    Confronting the death penalty: How language influences jurors in capital
cases.      Oxford: Oxford University Press.      Pp. xii, 256.           Hb.         £19.99.
Flowerdew, John  (2014).    Discourse in context.           London: Bloomsbury.          Pp. vi, 349.            Hb.               £100.
Freidner, Michele, & Annelies Kusters (eds.)    (2015).    It's a small world: International deaf spaces
and encounters.     Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University Press. Pp. 336.  Hb.         $70.
Grainger, Karen, & Sara Mills            (2016).    Directness and indirection across cultures.        Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.             Pp. ix, 177.            Hb.         £47.99.
Hatoss, Anikó       (2013).    Displacement, language maintenance and identity: Sudanese refugees in
Australia.               Amsterdam: John Benjamins.             Pp. xviii, 260.        Hb.         €99.00.
Hellinger, Marlis, & Heiko Motschenbacher (eds.)          (2015).    Gender across languages, vol 4.               Amsterdam: John Benjamins.             Pp. xv, 415.           Pb.          $54, €36.
Lockhart, Michele, & Kathleen Mollick (eds.)  (2015).    Hillary Rodham Clinton and the 2016
election: Her political and social discourse.       Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.        Pp. xiii,
244.        Hb.         $85, £54.95.
Napier, Jemina, & Lorraine Leeson    (2016).    Sign language in action.       Basingstoke: Palgrave
Macmillan.            Pp. xv, 339.           Pb.          £22.99.
Pandey, Anjali      (2015).    Monolingualism and linguistic exhibitionism in fiction.   Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.            Pp. x, 302.             Hb.         £65.
Pandey, Anjali      (2016).    Monolingualism and linguistic exhibitionism in fiction.   Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.            Pp. x, 302.             Hb.         €89.99.
Pandey, Iswari P.  (2015).    South Asian Mid-South: Migrations of literacies             Pittsburgh, PA:
University of Pittsburgh Press.          Pp. x, 264.             Hb.         $26.95.
Peplow, David      (2016).    Talk about books: A study of reading groups.  London: Bloomsbury.          Pp. 224.        Hb.         £75.
Pichler, Pia, & Eva M. Eppler (eds.)   (2015).    Gender and spoken interaction.          Basingstoke:
Palgrave Macmillan.             Pp. xxii, 241.         Pb.          £22.99.
Regan, Vera; Chloé Diskin; & Jennifer Martyn (eds.)      (2016).    Language, identity and migration:
Voices from transnational speakers and communities.     Berlin: Peter Lang.               Pp. vi,
409.        Pb.          £50.
Rosenstock, Rachel, & Jemina Napier (eds.)     (2016).    International sign: Linguistic, usage, and
status issues.          Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University Press. Pp. 232.  Hb.         $80.
Rubdy, Rani, & Selim Ben Said (eds.)              (2015).    Conflict, exclusion and dissent in the linguistic
landscape.            Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.      Pp. xvi, 306.          Hb.         £63.
Sessarego, Sandro (2015).    Afro-Peruvian Spanish: Spanish slavery and the legacy of Spanish
creoles.   Amsterdam: John Benjamins.             Pp. xvi, 184.          Hb.         $143, €95.
Taibi, Mustapha, & Uldis Ozolins      (2016).    Community translation.       London: Bloomsbury.          Pp. 200.        Pb.          25.99.
Wilson, John, & Diana Boxer (eds.)   (2015).    Discourse, politics and women as global leaders.               Amsterdam: John Benjamins.             Pp. vi, 360.            Hb.         $149, €99.
Wodak, Ruth        (2015).    The politics of fear: What right-wing populist discourses mean.     London:
Sage.      Pp. 256.  Hb.         £70.

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