[PLing] International Postgraduate Course on Functional Discourse Grammar

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An*International Postgraduate Course on Functional Discourse Grammar 
IPC-FDG-2016* will be held in *Vienna, Austria, on 29 and 30 August 
2016*, preceding the *International Conference on Functional Discourse 
Grammar**. *

*This intensive course on the theory of Functional Discourse Grammar 
will be held during the days preceding the International Conference on 
Functional Discourse Grammar to enable linguists unfamiliar with the 
theory to prepare for participation in the conference. The course is 
being organized with doctoral students in mind.

*IPC-FDG-2016 will take place at the University of Vienna, Department of 
English and American Studies, University Campus, Hof 8.3, Spitalgasse 2, 
1090 Vienna.

*Staff: *
The course will be taught by Kees Hengeveld (University of Amsterdam) 
and J. Lachlan Mackenzie (VU University Amsterdam).

*Course Material: *
Participants are expected to read the following book in advance: Keizer, 
Evelien (2015). A Functional Discourse Grammar for English: a textbook. 
Oxford: Oxford University Press.

*Programme: *
During the course the various levels of analysis used in FDG will be 
explained and illustrated on the basis of the textbook on FDG by Keizer 
mentioned above. Students are assumed to have read the book before the 
course. After a review of the theory as a whole and discussion of some 
selected exercises from the textbook, a number of examples (from English 
as well as other languages) will be analyzed during the final afternoon 
so as to develop some analytical skills in using the tools offered by FDG.

*Registration: *
Please use the form provided at www.functionaldiscoursegrammar.info to 
register for the course. The fee of €100 includes lunches. You can also 
register for both the course and the conference. The fee of € 180 then 
includes all lunches and the conference dinner. Please pay the fee in 

*Further enquiries: *
The email address for all enquiries related to this course is 
fg-fgw at uva.nl.

Functional Discourse Grammar Foundation
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Department of Theoretical Linguistics
Spuistraat 210
NL-1012 VT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
e-mail: fg-fgw at uva.nl

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