[PLing] Amsterdam Summer Course 2016: Doing Research with Discourse Analysis

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Summer course: Doing Research with Discourse Analysis: A discourse perspective on making sense of social change<http://www.studyabroadinamsterdam.nl/en/summerschool/courses/discourse_analysis/discourse.asp>
Amsterdam Summer School 2016, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2-16 July 2016

A 2-week intensive course in discourse analysis for MA/PhD students in the social sciences, history, health, education, law, politics, language and communication and any other field connected with social practice. The course provides a colourful pallet of approaches to advance your academic skills by  'doing research with discourse analysis'.
Through examples of transdisciplinary research design you learn to reason why and how to incorporate discourse analysis in your own field of study. The course provides a framework to make sense of social phenomena on the principle that language not only reflects society and change but also drives it. The focus is on analysing language use and other forms of communication to generate evidence of social phenomena, such as racism, politics, power, law, teaching, peace or war, (in)equality, empowerment and collaboration. We offer an inspiring program with expert lecturers from the VU Communication and Information Sciences and Organisation Discourse, and guests from  Fribourg University and two leading centres of Critical Discourse Studies at Lancaster University, the University of East Anglia.
Methods taught: The art of Transdisciplinary Research Design and critical thinking. Applying text- and content analysis; ethnography, conversation analysis; framing, metaphor, humour and perspectivisation; historical discourse analysis; soundscape analysis; context and data selection; corpus-assisted discourse analysis.
Participation: Classroom assignments and group discussions are central to the course's aim to evaluate theories and methods and to make well-considered choices in your own research design. The final assessment is based on interactive participation in discussions, sharing ideas and a written Conceptual Research Design for your own project, including a discourse component. We learn from each other!
Excursion: The International Criminal Court in The Hague is a prime setting to observe the relationship between international law, human rights and cultural diversity that is reflected in this court's discourse and its far-reaching global impact. Plus: lunch on the beach.
Course information
Course level: Master/PhD; 4 ECTS
Coordinating lecturer: Bertie Kaal (VU Amsterdam, Language and Communication)
VU Amsterdam lecturers: Luuk Lagerwerf, Joyce Lamerichs, Anna Kaal and Sebastiaan Donszelmann, Ida Sabelis, Fleur van der Houwen
Guest Lecturers:
Lancaster University: Prof. Alison Sealey
University of East Anglia: Prof. Andreas Musolff
University of Fribourg: Steve Oswald
Utrecht University: Tessa van Charldorp
INCAS3: Edda Bild and Matt Coler
Videos and full information on fees, discounts, scholarships, and other perks www.amsterdamsummerschool.nl<http://www.amsterdamsummerschool.nl/>
Contact: amsterdamsummerschool at vu.nl<mailto:amsterdamsummerschool at vu.nl>

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