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Subject: Call for Papers on QUAL Methods for the 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (Please Circulate)

Call for Papers on QUAL Methods for
the 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33)
at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
Conference Date: September 11th – 16th, 2016
Submission Deadline for Papers: 21st January, 2016
Session Topics
The conference will host the following sessions on QUAL Methods and Methodology:

1.       Current issues in doing ethnographic field work (Thierbach Petschick and Cornelia Thierbach)

2.       Videography and Interpretative Videonanalysis (René Tuma)

3.       Interdisciplinary Discussion on Visual Methods (Yenn Lee)

4.       Using Photographs, Maps and other Non-Moving Visual Data in Social Research Processes (Cornelia Thierbach and Linda Hering)

5.       Auto/Biographical Methods (Goodwin and O'Connor)

6.       Methodologies of sociological discourse research (Reiner Keller)

7.       Analysing qualitative longitudinal couple data. A comparative perspective. (Marie Evertsson and Daniela Grunow)

8.       Sampling in qualitative research – Problems during research processes, possible solutions and consequences for intended depth, generalization or quality   Leila Akremi

9.       Researching Social Processes (Jason Hughes)

10.   Social Studies of Reproduction: techniques, methods and reflexive moments (Nicky Hudson et al)

11.   Effect of respondents’ age on interviews (Susanne Vogl)

12.   Contemplative methods meets sociological imagination. An enactive perspective for sociological inquiry and wise social transformation (Vincenzo Giorgino and Krzysztof Konecki)

13.   Spatial Analysis (Nina Baur, Linda Hering, Jona Schwerer and Cornelia Thierbach)

14.   Analyzing space and spatial externalities (Alexandra Wicht et al)

15.   Monitoring Data Collection in International Settings (Ellen Marks)

16.   Methodological Challenges of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in the Non-Experimental Social Sciences (Bernd Weiss)

17.   Paradata, Marginalia and Fieldnotes: Using ‘By-Products’ in Social Research (O’Connor and Goodwin)

18.   How to measure a normative climate? (Alexandra Nonnenmacher and Alexandra Wicht)

19.   Methods of emotion research (Antje Kahl and Hubert Knoblauch)

20.   Religion and political participation (Theoni Stathopoulou and Christof Wolf)

21.   Sociological Methodologies for Mental Health and Illness Research (Gina Kelly)

22.   Empirical Studies in Socio-Economic & Development Sector              (Rabi N Subudhi)

23.   Developing a Pedagogical Culture for Teaching Research Methods (Barbara Kawulich et al)
Please check the Conference Website for a full list of sessions and session descriptions.
Conference Website
Please find further information on ISA RC33 (Research Committee on Logic & Methodology of the International Sociology Association) on http://www.rc33.org/
How to Submit an Abstract
1. To submit a paper abstract for any session of the RC33 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology, you should visit:
After landing on the homepage, navigate to ‘Abstract Submission’, which appears in the top left hand column of the webpage.
2. Complete the form in full. You may wish to cut and paste your abstract into the Abstract field from another document.
3. Choose the relevant session for your stream. To do so you will need to select the relevant lead session organiser from the drop-down menu highlighted in the image below. To check you are submitting to the correct session, you can view a table of sessions and session convenors by clicking the link entitled ‘View the list of sessions and session convenors’. Once complete, click submit.
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