[PLing] Einladung zum Gastvortrag - Donka Minkova

Maria Valencia maria.valencia at univie.ac.at
Wed Apr 22 15:05:21 CEST 2015

Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
im Namen von Prof. Nikolaus Ritt darf ich Ihnen eine Einladung zum 
untenstehenden Gastvortrag übermitteln.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Maria Valencia

*/The return of final schwa in English/*

Donka Minkova, UCLA

The talk traces a remarkable reversal in the trajectory of schwa in 
final unstressed syllables (/-ə/#) in non-monosyllabic words. The first 
stage involves ubiquitous loss of the unstressed vowel at the right word 
boundary culminating c. 1400-1450. The second stage initiates an 
incipient reversal of the loss in a severely restricted subset of the 
lexicon. The next phase is a gradual, and as yet incomplete, reanalysis 
of the functions of right-edge schwa. In a macro-perspective, the 
history of the change plots as a continuous, but apparently 
non-repetitive, U-curve. The abandonment of the phonotactic constraint 
*/-ə/# triggers changes at all levels: phonology, morphology, prosody, 
pragmatics. The account identifies and compares the properties of final 
schwa in these areas before and after the middle of the 15^th c. with a 
view to its future.

*Institut für Anglistik (Campus Hof 8), Seminarraum 5 (1. Stock)
Mittwoch, 6. Mai, 16 c.t.**/



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