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*Gastvortrag von*

*Christian Koops, Ph.D.*

*University of New Mexico*

*"Sociophonetic construal in speech perception"*


*am Freitag, dem 23. Mai 2014, 14:15-15:30 Uhr*

*im Seminarraum 6 am Institut für Anglistik (2. Stock)*

*Campus Hof 8, Spitalgasse 2-4, 1090 Wien



/At the same time as displaying sociolinguistic variation in our own 
speech, we also possess a lifetime of experience perceiving variation in 
the speech of others. Experience-based models of phonological knowledge, 
such as exemplar models (Goldinger 1996, 1998; Johnson 1997), posit that 
as listeners, we closely track and memorize both the frequency of 
particular linguistic forms (Bybee 2006) and statistical correlations 
with the individuals and groups who produce them. This sociolinguistic 
knowledge, in turn, is accessed in speech perception (e.g., Hay, Warren 
& Drager 2006). I refer to the process of interpreting an acoustic 
signal with reference to the dialect attributed to a speaker 
as sociophonetic construal. /

/This talk presents the results of a recent experiment designed to test 
the limits of sociophonetic construal. The backdrop of this work are the 
findings of a prior production survey of language variation in the 
Houston metropolitan area, specifically variation between and within the 
speech of Houston Anglos and African-Americans. The results provide 
evidence for the perceptual reality of speaker 'style', i.e. the 
co-variation of structurally unrelated features in a particular variety. 
It demonstrates that listeners accurately infer the likelihood of one 
feature being present (here: glottalized word- final /d/) from the 
presence of other features (here, for example, the raising of the front 
lax vowels)./

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