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> Subject: The 29th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 29) in York, England
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> Cc: George Tsoulas <george.tsoulas at york.ac.uk>
> Hello everyone
> I'm emailing to draw your attention to the fact that the arrangements for CGSW 29 and an accompanying workshop on the state of the art in comparative syntax are now in place. This year's edition of CGSW will be held at the University of York in England, as a joint York-Cambridge enterprise. You can find the details here:
> http://medusa.york.ac.uk/minsyn-g/cgsw29/
> or here:
> http://linguistlist.org/issues/25/25-1454.html
> The state of the art workshop will be on 25 September, so the actual CGSW dates are 26 and 27 September.
> Please forward to your friends and colleagues.
> And do let me know if you have any questions. And, of course, please send us your abstracts! The submission deadline is 15 June (full details on the conference website). 
> Springy greetings from Cambridge!
> All the best
> Theresa
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