[PLing] Einladung zu Linguistics Lunch mit Kenny Smith - übermorgen (!!!)

Nikolaus Ritt nikolaus.ritt at univie.ac.at
Tue Mar 25 16:16:50 CET 2014

Liebe KollegInnen,

am kommenden Freitag (28.4.), um 12 Uhr 30 wird

*Kenny Smith, University of Edinburgh, *

am Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik (Campus, Hof 8, 2. Stock Hs 6)

zum Thema

/*Why Languages Have Rules*


Language is unique among the communication systems of the natural world 
in that it is /structured/: we convey complex meanings by constructing 
complex utterances in a rule-governed manner. While structure in 
language is sometimes explained as a consequence of biological evolution 
of the human capacity for language - a reflection of our 'language 
instinct' - I will instead argue that linguistic structure arises 
gradually, as a result of language change and use.//I will support this 
argument with three experimental studies (using a mix of artificial 
language learning, dyadic communication and iterated learning paradigms) 
exploring at the emergence of conditioned variation and compositional 
structure in language.

InteressentInnen sind herzlich eingeladen.

Der Vortag findet im Rahmen des anglistischen Linguistics Lunch statt. 
So, bring your own food, please.

Nikolaus Ritt

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