[PLing] Guest Lecture on Music, Language Learning and Brain

Susanne Reiterer susanne.reiterer at univie.ac.at
Wed Mar 19 20:10:41 CET 2014

Dear PLING - list subscribers,

We want to cordially invite people with an interest into the topics
 - brain research, language learning and music - to the following
guest lecture by Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells on Mo, 7th of April, 16:00,
Kapelle, Campus (AAKH). There will be a small "wine and cheese" reception
after the talk. Posters are in the attachment.

Susanne Reiterer
details of the talk:
name of guest lecturer: Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells (Univ. of Barcelona)
title of talk: "Involvement of Dorsal Brain Pathways in Language Acquisition
and Music Learning"
time: April 7th, 2014 | 4 pm
location: Altes AKH, Seminarraum Alte Kapelle
address: Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 2.8, 1090 Wien
inviting institutions: 1. Sprachlehr -und lernforschung; 2. Cognitive
Science Platform.
"In the present talk we will summarize current evidences on the
involvement of dorsal brain pathways in early stages of language learning,
in particular, during the isolation and identification of new words in a
foreign speech (speech segmentation process). We will compare these dorsal
routes involved in language acquisition with the neurophysiological
mechanisms requested for music learning, with special emphasis
on the auditory-motor coupling processes subserving fast music processing
and execution. Besides, we will show recent neurophysiological findings
associated to individual predispositions in language learning
combining different neuroimaging techniques such as functional magnetic
resonance imaging and Diffusion Tensor structural imaging. Finally, we
will discuss to which extent common neurophysiological pathways in the
brain have repetitively been reused during evolution to carry out similar
cognitive operations involved in di" erent learning processes, as during
language acquisition and music learning. organized in cooperation with
Unit for Language Learning and Teaching Research
Prof. Dr. Susanne Reiterer

Ass. Prof. Susanne Maria Reiterer, PhD
University of Vienna,
"Sprachlehr/Lernforschung" (SLLF)
Unit for Language Learning and Teaching Research at the Faculty of
Philological and Cultural Studies & Centre for Teacher Education.
Spitalgasse 2-4, court 8, 1090-Vienna, Austria
Tel.: 0043-1-4277-45202
Fax.: 0043-1-4277-9452
Susanne.Reiterer at univie.ac.at;
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