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Dear colleague,

EVOLANG X, the 10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language 
will take place at the Department of  English and American Studies of
Vienna University from 14 to 17 April 2014. Since its foundation in 1996,
the series has evolved into one of the most exciting and most
interdisciplinary conferences in the field of contemporary language
studies. Going far beyond exploring the biological emergence of the
language faculty, it addresses a broad range of fundamental linguistic
issues from evolutionary perspectives.

EVOLANG conferences are attended by linguists, anthropologists,
archaeologists, biologists, cognitive scientists, geneticists,
palaeontologists, physiologists, primatologists, psychologists, computer
scientists, musicologists and mathematicians. Approaching the study of
language from a multitude of different perspectives, they explore the role
of evolutionary thinking in the study of human language and its diverse
manifestations. More information about the series is available at

Representing the 10th conference in the series, it demonstrates that
evolutionary language studies have developed a mature and sustainable
programme that continues to produce stimulating and fruitful research.

For further information as well as the possibility to register online,
please visit our webpage
vienna.evolang.org<https://owa.univie.ac.at/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx> and
our facebook site facebook.com/evolangx<https://facebook.com/evolangx>!

Best wishes on behalf of EVOLANG and the local organizers,
we are looking forward to seeing you at our department,

Nikolaus Ritt and Andreas Baumann
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