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Me parece una buena iniciativa, pero como hispanista ¿tengo que escribir en inglés continuando así la degradación de las lenguas románicas?

Un cordial saludo

Michael Metzeltin

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Dear colleague,

We are sending this e-mail to inform you about the birth of Isogloss. A journal on variation of Romance and Iberian languages, an open, peer-reviewed journal for discussion of different approaches, either theoretically or descriptively oriented, that help us progress in our understanding of variation in these languages and, thereby, of the nature of linguistic variation in general. This is the link to the webpage (still a provisional site):

The journal will publish two issues per year (in April and November), and we will go viral in some days. We will also publish a call for papers. Please, feel free to let all your colleagues know about this new publication and encourage them to submit their work. As you know, your role is a key one, since your advice will be crucial in order to improve the content, organization, and impact of this publication.
On behalf of the editors, let me thank you, one more time, for accepting our invitation to become a member of the Advisory Board.

Ángel J. Gallego

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