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Austrian Academy of Sciences — Festsaal

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Opening Event: »The Future of Quantum Mechanics«

3 October 2013, 19:00–21:00
Presentations by and Plenary Discussion with Stephen L. Adler, Gerard ’t Hooft, Masanao Ozawa

Quantum Mechanics is the most successful theory of all time for describing physical reality. However, after 100 years – despite its success – foundational principles for Quantum Mechanics still remain unknown. Will future developments in Quantum Mechanics reveal such principles in coming years? Three distinguished scholars will consider the future of Quantum Mechanics, and address topics such as quantum nonlocality, entanglement, and a possible sub-quantum mechanics.

Stephen Adler Professor emeritus and former Albert Einstein Professor (Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton). Winner of the Dirac Medal in Theoretical Physics. He has developed a model which identifies “quantum theory as an emergent phenomenon”.

Gerard ’t Hooft Distinguished Professor (Utrecht University). Winner of the Wolf Prize, and a Nobel Laureate in physics. His many scientific interests include the exploration of a deterministic foundation for quantum mechanics.

Masanao Ozawa Professor (Nagoya University & National Institute of Informatics). He has proposed a “universally valid reformulation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle”, which would indicate the necessity to modify the standard view of Quantum Mechanics.