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  		21. International Congress on Ancient Bronzes - First Circular

  		05.06.2021 15:21

  		International Congress of Ancient Bronzes <bronze2022 at elte.hu>


Dear Colleagues,

we have started preparations for the _21. International Congress on 
Ancient Bronzes_, which will take place in Budapest, Hungary. The 
Congress is organized by the Department of Classical and Roman 
Archaeology at ELTE Eötvös Loránd University in cooperation with the 
Hungarian National Museum.

Although it is difficult to predict the end of the pandemic, we hope 
that the Congress can be safely held in April 2022 as an onsite 
conference here in Budapest. Due to the present situation, the 
registration and call for papers will be opened later in September 2021. 
More information about the Congress and the venue will be available at 
the website of the conference: http://bronze2022.elte.hu [1]

All submissions on ancient bronzes are welcome, including bronze 
artefacts from European Iron Age and the Mediterranean region, bronzes 
from military context, large-scale bronzes, statuettes, toreutics, 
manufacturing techniques and analytics, restoration, written records or 
any relevant topics.

More information is coming soon, save the date, check the website and 
take care of yourselves.

See you in Budapest!

Dávid Bartus PhD

Head of Department of Classical and Roman Archaeology

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

bartus.david at btk.elte.hu

[1] http://bronze2022.elte.hu/
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